The dynamic duo of Toby “TobiWan” Dawson and Troels “Synderen” Nielsen are the chosen pair to commentate the Grand Finals of The International 5 after missing out on the opportunity to cast the Grand Finals together last time around. A total of 10 different casters will be responsible for bringing the groupstages and main event to life, find out who is casting with who inside.

One of the most talked about casting duos, TobiWan and Synderen, will cast the Grand Finals

Groupstage casters: Tobiwan, Capitalist, Blitz, LD, Godz, Zyori, Wagamama, Draskyl, ODPixel, KOTLguy and Purge.
Main event casters: Tobiwan, Capitalist, Blitz, LD, ODPixel and SyndereN (with Purge on newbie cast)

Community poster boy Owen “ODPixel” Davies will feature in the groupstages, main event and the newbie cast. Meanwhile, despite Synderen only casting the main event, he will be part of the analyst desk for the groupstage alongside Merlini, Winter and WillChobra.

joinDOTA’s Capitalist and Blitz will also be casting the main event matches, with David “LD” Gorman repping the BTS Studio in the final stages of the competition.

joinDOTA’s newest recruit Blitz will play a big part in TI5 (Image: ESL)

The casting combos for the groupstages

au Tobiwan + se WagaMama
uk ODPixel + us Draskyl
us LD + au Godz
us Capitalist + us Blitz
us Kotlguy + us Purge
us Zyori + us Purge

The casting combos for the main event

us LD + us Blitz (5 matches including Lowerbracket Finals)
au TobiWan + dk Synderen (7 matches including Grand Finals)
uk ODPixel + dk Synderen (5 matches including Upperbracket Finals)
us Capitalist + us Blitz (4 matches)