It is clear that Emil “HeatoN” Christensen will be featured on the TV screen for real. Without any campaign eSport-legendary is invited to attend the Fort Boyard.

“It feels great that people finally dare to see the e-sports as something really huge.”

says Christensen.
Last year was organized a highly successful campaign on Facebook where you wanted to see eSport icon Emil “HeatoN” Christensen in SVT’s champions. After the campaign failed to take the Swedish profile of the fight against old successful athletes opened yet another campaign, where TV4’s Let’s Dance was the target. Now Expressen sniffed out the “fourth grade” an independent initiative – and included Christensen in a people beloved TV programs.

Fort Boyard is a program that many people know. A group of well-known personalities working in a team, and sometimes alone, to solve various challenges that may require anywhere from physical to mental strength. There we will be able to see Christensen in the team “Children Favorite Fight”, which also includes Anna Book, do everything between heaven and earth in the program.

“I am very happy in fact, it will be a really fun experience,” says Christensen Fragbite.

Do you think this is some sort of vindication for you not to be in the champions?
“I think it feels great that people finally dare to see the e-sports as something really big, so yeah some kind of restitution is e-sport itself.”

Some other details than that HeatoN will participate has not been published, and a few specific dates when the program Counter-Strike profile will be transmitted, is still unclear. The recording will be conducted during the summer, meaning that the program is broadcast in the autumn.