Cloud9 has officially disbanded after finishing 9th-12th in TI5, way below expectations. It’s still unclear what is the next move for the organisation. 

Cloud9’s DotA2 team has officially disbanded; first confirmation came from Misery on his stream, he said that C9 has disbanded and added “I can’t say anything more than that. It’s for the better, guys.” Then EternalEnvy tweeted the same as well.

EternalEnvy said:
In memory of the old C9 roster. Please note that any player on the poster may not be in C9 next DotA Year

The owner of the North American organisation, Jack Etienne said that they will be sponsoring a DotA2 team in the future as well. No “official” reasons have been given for the disbandment but its fairly obvious that their poor performance at The International 5 is one of them.

Yes, Cloud9 will remain in . I’ll miss our old team but I’m excited to create our new squad. TY EE, Misery, Fata, Bone, & BigDaddy!