Elite: Dangerous is a game that impresses and strides for the official launch which will take place on December 16.
However contrary to what was promised during the campaign of “crowdfunding” the game will not be shipped with an offline mode.
David Braben recently unveiled at the 49th “newsletter” that:

“Offline” mode is not practical due to the efforts to keep the universe consistent for all players.

Braben states that a completely offline experience would simply be too limited when compared to that line is dynamic.
You can not say that the decision is surprising , however the “timing” is far from the best. A month before the official launch gamers to get to know the offline mode was dropped, a feature which for many was seen with good eyes and now simply disappeared .
Of course this decision has generated some controversy because it is important to remember that the offline mode was in fact a feature promised by Frontier Developments.
On the other hand, an official apology to all gamers who have supported the project and expected an offline mode was, in my opinion due. Braben really explained the reasons that led the team to put aside the offline mode , but should have apologized for not having fulfilled one of his promises during the campaign on Kickstarter .
Elite: Dangerous has scheduled for the upcoming December 16th release, remains one of the most promising games of the year but if you were to count power play it “offline” can “take the horse from the rain” because it will not happen.

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Elite: Dangerous trailer showcasing the vast scope and freedom available in the largest, richest gaming sandbox ever created.