Valve has announced a major update coming to Dota 2. The Reborn Update will be coming to the main client in the next days, just in time for the upcoming Fall Majors 2015. A preload of Dota 2 Reborn is now being rolled out, along with the release of new features such as the Dota Levels, which will be similar to the kind of achievement tracking we see on consoles such as the Playstation and XBOX.

The new Reborn update introduces Dota Levels, which are displayed as a badge based on your level and are gained by earning trophies and playing matches. Trophies correspond to a specific amount of trophy points, which now contributes toward increasing your level. Every 100 trophy points earned will increase your Dota level by 1.

Two new trophies are also released in the recent update. The experience trophy, which rewards trophy points each time it gains a level, and the battle veteran trophy, that provides trophy points based on final battle point level.

The Reborn Update also released the new Treasury and enabled the Tournaments area of the watch section. The treasury provides easier access to treasures along with a new treasure unboxing feature, while the tournaments area allows viewing of matches and event details.

The TI5 exclusive Harvest, Pestilence, and Sirocco Weather Effect items are also now available to Compendium owners.

TI5 Weather Effects preview from Wykrhm Reddy

Update Highlights

-Added Dota Levels system
-Improved input latency in more cases
-Added Tournaments section for browsing tournaments, viewing live tournament matches, and watching tournament replays
-Enabled Treasury
-Armory filters are now automatically saved to the SteamCloud
-Various improvements to the watch section with support for the “Watch Later” feature
-Enabled purchasing from marketplace
-The Custom Games UI now displays if a game has dedicated server support.
-Fixed speech not playing for item purchases
-Fixed a crash in Ability Draft mode.
-Improved layout of large 3D view in 4×3 aspect ratio windows
-Demo mode now properly supports HUD skin, weather, and cursor packs

To read more about the update, view Valve’s official announcement here and the patch report here. Other undocumented changes that came with the patch were listed by Reddit user SirBelvedere and can be viewed here.