Hunt by day, become hunted by night in Dying Light on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.


Set in the city of Harran after a vicious outbreak begins to spread, Dying Light tasks players with surviving through any means necessary. Use the daylight to hunt down resources and supplies to survive the epidemic. In the daylight the infected pose little threat, they are slow, apathetic and easily visible, allowing you to hunt down your supplies without much resistance. At night however, the tables turn, the infected become more acute, and they have one thing in mind, your flesh! They will hunt you down no matter where you run, and they develop almost superhuman strength meaning that fighting is no longer an option. The infected aren’t all you have to worry about though, other human factions will hunt you down for your supplies, and there’s something more terrifying than anything else lurking in the shadows. Do whatever you must to survive the night and see the sunrise!


Dying Light presents an open-world populated by the infected, travel wherever you wish in the hunt for supplies. Freely explore the city in search of new resources to craft weapons and survivors to join your team. The sizeable crafting system allows you to create your own unique weapons to take down your enemies; from barbed wire wrenches to specialized ammunition make sure you’re equipped to take down anything that stands in your way. Whether escaping from the infected or hunting them down, use your free running skills to seamlessly leap across buildings, grapple up walls and evade those that want you dead. Play your way; with a choice of four playable characters and a wide array of both long range and melee weapons, you’ll be able to perfect a play style that suits you!

Survive the night in the first-person, survival horror game, Dying Light. During the day explore the open world, scavenging the urban environment for supplies and crafting weapons to defend yourself against the growing infected population.

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