Rockstar Games published first-person trailer for GTA V and published a host of details about the new perspective.
Grand Theft Auto V will run in 1080p/30fps across PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Rockstar Games announced today, following news that the game will feature a first-person mode.

Rockstar said:

“Grand Theft Auto V for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC features hundreds of additions and enhancements including 1080p resolution at 30fps on PS4 and Xbox One.”

Meanwhile, the PC version of GTA V will support 4K resolution!
Rockstar confirmed the details about GTA V’s first-person mode today.

Only available in Xbox One, PS4, and PC versions
Available with single button press, letting you switch between third- and first-person
Includes first-person cover system
Introduces new targeting system
Will feature a more traditional FPS control scheme
Thousands of new animations
First-person mode will be available in both GTA V and GTA Online