The 37-year old Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher, known for his role in films such as the Butterfly Effect as well as the biopic Jobs – and for those of us a little bit older, the TV series Punk’d – has invested in Unikrn, a brand-new eSports betting company. Unikrn launched earlier on Tuesday, and will allows users to win prizes without the need to buy credit across six different titles which includes Dota 2.

Ashton Kutcher was part of a $10,000,000 investment into Unikrn (Image: Fast Company)

Ashton Kutcher with Mark CubanFacebook)

Despite being known for his good looks and charm, former model Ashton Kutcher is also known for being a tech-savvy investor, and has invested in many successful start-ups which include Skype as well as a more recent runaway success, Airbnb.

Unikrn is a new investment of his, and the company which was founded by former Microsoft employee Rahul Sood in November, raised $10,000,000 from an international group of investors which included Kutcher.

According to Sood in an interview with Geekwire, it was Kutcher who reached out to invest after reading about their project.

“I’ve had the pleasure of investing and being involved in a number of outstanding startups, and Unikrn stood out because they are completely changing how people engage with eSports,” said Ashton Kutcher.

“eSports are mainstreaming, and Unikrn Arena provides fans with an additional level of excitement not found elsewhere.” So why is the Unikrn Arena platform so special?

The platform – A fresh-new model for a dynamic scene

Unikrn offers a rather unique model, and one which is rather ingenious. By avoiding the purchasing of credit via real cash the company can adhere to US laws as well as laws in other countries where online gambling is not allowed.

The new platform is an arena where users can earn “Unikoins”, a virtual currency they can use to bet on eSports matches. Coins are not purchased like on other platforms, but instead earned through different activities or “quests” that provide a chance to earn Unikoins.

The Unikrn Arena currently supports six titles including Dota 2, CS:GO and HS

There are three type of quests:

Betting Quests: Rewards users for placing bets on Unikrn
Social Questions: Rewards users for engaging with their friends and/or social media
Trivia Questions: Rewards users who can answer questions about the games being played on Unikrn

Unikoins can then be used to win prizes from companies such as Alienware, HyperX and Logitech, which will open up a lot of possibilities for the company to grow by forming deals with tech-related enterprises.

At the moment six games are supported; Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Hearthstone, League of Legends, Call of Duty and Starcraft 2. The Arena is already live if you want to see what Ashton Kutcher thought was going to be the next big thing.