MLG is hitting the news once again with an ingenious system to determine who is really worthy of participating in the MLG World Championship, that will take place October 16 – 18. However, this system isn’t as simple as a rating tool, as it allows players to keep their points in a reshuffle, valuing steady performances.


Upon earning points in a 2015 MLG Pro Points competition, players will be added to the system. The competition doesn’t necessarily have to be one of MLG’s own, as tournaments run by other prominent organisations will be implemented in the points system. Based on their location, players are able to earn more points by participating in tournaments specific to a region, whether they play in an online or offline tournament, or a league match.

In order to compare teams and players from different regions on a fair basis, an exchange rate will be set for each region, which will be based upon the number and value of Pro Points Tournaments and League Matches that have occurred in each at the time of seeding. Players are able to switch regions, however doing so will result in a forfeit of all the pro points that are specific to it.

MLG have quite a bit of experience with this system, as it is currently used in a similar form to rate players in the popular shooter Call of Duty. They now hope to have similar success with it in Dota2:

“MLG Pro Points have proven to be a successful ranking tool in eSports and we’re excited to incorporate into Dota 2 in order to ensure that the best of the best compete at the MLG World Championship in October.”
John Nelson, MLG’s Commissioner and VP of League Operations