Reaves leaves DotaCinema

Today Reaves posted an update to his facebook page about him parting his ways with DotaCinema. Fails of the week will just not be the same as before with his impressions and jokes… 


Well here we are my loves, what a ride. I had a fantastic time at DC and it warms my heart to receive so many messages and well wishes from so many of you. Leaving DC can be considered a mutual decision between me and Sunsfan though I do wish a number of things had gone differently and that I could have been utilized more efficiently within the company. That being said there is no ill will between myself and DC and I wish them all the best. All that leaves is “What’s next?”. As for that I really don’t know! I consider myself at the moment a sort of “free agent” in the Youtube/online world and I’m leaving my options open for now. Perhaps someone out there has need for an out of work personality. Perhaps I’ll go back to my old job, perhaps I’ll take steps on my own via Youtube/streaming. I’m open to anything at this point and I’m excited for the future. I can’t stress enough how much my fans mean to me and how much your support has fueled me and still drives me today. I love you guys, I really really do. I’ll keep you guys updated with all things Reaves related, you can count on that. I hope this isn’t the end but if it is…what an amazing journey. With all the love a guy who does silly voices on the internet can muster, thank you.

You can find Reaves at his YouTubeFacebook, Twitter and Twitch channel.

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