Tekken 7

Official_Tekken_7_LogoTekken 7  is an upcoming fighting game developed and published by Bandai Namco Games. It will be the ninth installment in the Tekken fighting game series. The game will be the first in the series to make use of the Unreal Engine 4 game engine. The game is scheduled for an arcade release in Japan in March 2015. This also marks the 20th anniversary of the Tekken series.

Tekken 7 focuses on one-on-one battles like previous numbered installments, not team-based as in the Tekken Tag Tournament series. Two new mechanics are introduced in the game. The first, Rage Art, allows the player to execute several unblockable moves that deal roughly 40-80% damage (depending on the character) once their health bar is critical, in exchange for inactivating the normal attack power increase. The second, Power Crush, lets the player to continue their attacks even while being hit by the enemy, although they would still receive the damage dealt by the enemy’s attacks. The mechanic also works only for absorbing high or mid attacks. The bound system, which staggers a character to increase opportunity for additional hits, is replaced by a similar system that makes the enemy spin sideways when they are hit airborne, allowing the player to inflict additional hits after they reach the ground. Unlike bound, however, this system cannot be used to do wall combos. A new camera system, currently under testing, flips the fighting plane on one side, allowing both players who play at arcades with connected machines to start battles on the same side. Movement has undergone some changes and now is similar to the movement mechanics found in Tekken Revolution, most notably when characters walk backwards.

The game’s producer Katsuhiro Harada said that the game’s story will be much darker than ever before, closer in tone to Tekken 4 and will serve as the conclusion of the Mishima clan saga. It will provide answers regarding the feud between Heihachi Mishima, his son, Kazuya and his grandson, Jin Kazama, including the origins of the Devil Gene, among other Tekken mysteries. A trailer released in July 2014 introduced the backstory regarding Heihachi’s wife, Kazumi, who was killed by him years prior to the events of the earlier games.


Check out the full-length Tekken 7 trailer straight from the Bandai Namco Games Fighting Game Panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2014!




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