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The Shadow Warrior 2 launches tomorrow

Gaming News

Shadow Warrior 2 launches tomorrow, October 13, and that means launch trailers and this one got to be one of the best launch trailers ever made. Shadow Warrior 2 is the sequel to Flying Wild Hog’s somewhat weird and somewhat awesome…

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Oculus is working on a new tetherless VR headset

Gaming News

We’re working on the computer vision software that will make it all possible Oculus and Facebook are ready to bridge the gap between powerful tethered VR systems like the Oculus Rift and mobile headsets like Samsung Gear VR. The prototype…

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Gearbox CEO denies Battleborn free-to-play

Games, Gaming News

First-person hero shooter flop Battleborn will be free to play in the near future, a new report suggests. But there’s some confusion about what this will mean. Last night, Kotaku reported on how the game will soon go free-to-play, as…