It is now official that cn Zhilei ‘BurNing’ Xu is the replacement for Hao. Reunited with former DK teammates Iceiceice and Super!, and backed by the incredible support duo of fy and Fenrir this is a team that looks ready to take on the world. According to RotK there was a possibility BurNing could have gone to EHOME but this move could be the spark to reignite Vici Gaming, who did not perform as well as expected at TI5.

The team’s Facebook banner confirmed the rumour of Burning’s addition

cn Junhao ‘Super!’ Xie played with BurninG in Team DK’s TI3 roster while sg Daryl ‘iceiceice’ Koh was part of Team DK’s TI4 roster, meaning the new addition is not so unfamiliar with his new team-mates.

He admitted that during TI5 he felt a bit lost at times and did not completeley understand patch 6.84 hopefully he can figure it all out with his new team. Widely considered as one of the best carries in the world if not the best BurNing has come up short on his last few attempts at The International, could this be the team that finally does it for the B-God?

RoTK initially wanted to team up with his best friend BurNing and LanM in EHOME but it was just not meant to be, now RoTK is in LGD and Burning has taken his spot in Vici Gaming. We’ll find out in the coming months if the B-God can conjure up some of that old magic with a brand new team.

Vici Gaming roster for the first Major

sg Daryl ‘iceiceice’ Koh
cn Lu ‘Fenrir’ Chao
cn Xu ‘Fy’ Linsen
cn Junhao ‘Super!’ Xie
cn Zhilei ‘BurNing’ Xu

cn Yao ‘QQQ’ Yi
cn Yang ‘Zyf / YJ’ Puchao