As promised Cloud9 have decided to stay in the Dota 2 scene despite bigger success in other titles. The organisation chose to pick up Dark Horse, one of the winners of the ESL ONE New York open qualifiers featuring ca Theeban ‘1437 / I love you forever’ Siva and us Braxton ‘Brax’ Paulson. According to new captain 1437 Cloud9 “understands what it is I am looking to do and are enthusiastic to invest in the future of NA Dota”.

Cloud9’s new captain 1437 said he believed NA has been “trapped in a constant cycle of instability”, with too much focus on rehashing old line-ups, instead of looking to harness new talent. Therefore, the new Cloud9 roster includes three new faces, us Ravi ‘ritsu’ Kodippili and us Avery ‘SVG’ in the active roster, and Loomdun on the substitutes bench.

The North American scene has been trapped in a constant cycle of instability. We have seen the same faces shuffled under new rosters, each arrangement sure that they can combine their skills and egos to finally pull out a stable successful team. The institution of the majors is hoped to introduce a mechanism and incentive for stability, but to many it will seem like every NA team formed by that September 5th deadline is a resurrection of rosters that have been tried before. Often the comfort of having proven experienced players outweighs the requirement for team synergy and dedication.
ca Theeban ‘1437 / I love you forever’ Siva in his statement on Facebook
“I wanted a team composed of experienced players and new blood that will encourage a team dynamic with the dedication that is required for improvement and eventual success,” said 1437 in his Facebook post. “I watched and tried out a lot of people to find players and put together a team that I believe can grow into the future of NA dota.”

The addition of the new roster sees a change in direction for Cloud9 in world of Dota 2, and with charismatic Brax and 1437 at the helm, the new Cloud9 should be a lot of fun. The duo have been together on LGD.Int in China and also the Navi.US roster that attended TI4. It is also quite ironic that despite so many potential suitors Cloud9 picks up a team that is literally the us Dark Horse*.

New Cloud9 roster for the first Majors

us Ravi ‘ritsu’ Kodippili
us Braxton ‘Brax’ Paulson
us Arif ‘MojoStormStout’ Anwar
us Avery ‘SVG’
ca Theeban ‘1437 / I love you forever’ Siva
Sub bench: us Chase ‘Loomdun’ Stearns