Sad news hits the South American scene as both pe Ricardo R. ‘Mstco’ Sandoval and mx Jesús ‘ifrit’ Valencia have been dropped from pe Not Today. Once considered the second best team in America, their recent performances have been quite poor, compiled with the failure of qualifying for The International 5. Will the roster change be enough to improve the team, or is this only the beginning of NoT Today’s reconstruction?

Translated statement from their Facebook page, courtesy of Liquid Dota:

Not Today announces changes very soon, we’ll be preparing to announce the new roster with players representing NoT Today in the next events, at the same time players SmAsH, VanN and Stinger that are part of the current roster will remain.
Not Today is preparing for the next LAN event (PAX 2015) in Seattle (USA) which we will travel to in September/October, this event will be held after “The International 2015”.

We’ll play the Awqa League with 2 standins and we’ll announce the official roster in July, before that the organization will hold a closed call , inviting available players from the competitive scene, through an invitation letter to be tested before we make a final selection.

For players Mstco and Ifrit, we’d like to thank you publicly for having been a part of Not Today’s player roster, and having shared big moments as a team, there’s no doubt you’re exceptional players, we wish you a good future which we’re sure will be successful.

Thank you very much!

We want to thank all the audience that follows us and supports us constantly, thank you for following Not Today, don’t ever stop cheering for us as it is our source of energy and motivation, Thank You Very Much.

Onwards Not Today!

NoT Today’s performances at their most recent LANs have been very poor, finishing bottom two in both joinDOTA League Season 1 and The Summit 3 , losing all of their games. Most disheartingly perhaps was their failure to qualify for The International 5, finishing 3rd in their group, which wasn’t enough to advance to the playoff stage.

As to who will replace Mstco and Ifrit is still unknown, but we will know for sure some time in July after they complete a round of tryouts. It is also unsure where the two players will end themselves, whether they create a new team to add to the scene, or join one of the more established organisations. Only time will tell.

Current Roster:

pe Bryan Freddy ‘Smash’ Sina
pe Steven ‘stingeR’ Vargas
pe Juan ‘VaNn’ Tito